Help with Maths Homework

Quick and Easy Tutorials

Watch our useful tutorials for help with all areas of the Irish Primary Maths curriculum. All content is created by Irish primary teachers. The tutorials will provide support for parents in helping their children complete Maths homework.

Addition & Subtraction

Although they may seem easy, some areas of addition and subtraction can be tricky, especially as parents may have learned it a different way. 

Watch to see the correct steps for addition and subtraction sums.

Multiplication & Division

This section covers basic multiplication and division as well as the trickier long multiplication and long division. 

Watch to see the correct steps to complete these sums. 

Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

These topics can be tricky for many students and parents to understand. Again, parents may know how to get the answer in a different way, which can make it hard to help with homework.
Watch to see the correct steps involved.

Maths Support at Home

All our content meets the objectives of the Irish Primary Maths Curriculum. Tutorials are broken down into easy steps that can be completed at home. This is useful for children who may be having difficulty completing homework and also for parents who may need help.